Filter Products

All MEMtronics filters are manufactured to specific customer requirements. MEMtronics does not sell “standard” products for general requirements. MEMtronics specializes in custom filters which cover the 8-40 GHz frequency range, and in special instances can produce filters as low as 2 GHz or as high as 70 GHz. Customer requirements typically require at least 4 filter poles, some filters as many as 12 filter poles or more.

All MEMtronics filters consist of an integrated waveguide technology, where the signal propagates thru the embedded substrate of the filter. All filters feature unibody construction of a fused silica substrate encapsulated in a layer of solid gold conductor.

MEMtronics filters consist of two operating types: propagating and evanescent filters. Propagating filters enable the maximum possible unloaded Q to minimize loss and sharpen the roll-off characteristics at corner frequencies. In these filters, the signal propagates thru the substrate using a propagating TE10 substrate mode. Evanescent filters are utilized for creating the smallest possible filter footprint. Within these filters, the energy couples evanescently from filter resonator to filter resonator, spanning the short distance between each resonator.

These two design approaches provide MEMtronics maximum flexibility in designing and manufacturing filters to meet your demanding system requirements.